In return the giant panda come here not understand Sichuan dialect original title: come know here do not understand the taste of Sichuan "powerkat" and "beauty" in want of perfection yesterday, "beauty" (left) and "beauty" in the panda quarantine field photography reporter Wang Qin first set foot on the land of the motherland, was born and raised in the United States "powerkat" and "beauty" can not change the "foreign flavor": do not eat buns, American biscuits eat very fragrant; don’t understand the Sichuan dialect, a "come here" (over) but leisurely climb over November 5th, 3 and a half year old Panda Breeding "powerkat", "beauty" to return to Chengdu. Decoy home first and the twin sisters in Chengdu research base of giant panda breeding, began life in quarantine for a period of 1 months. "Powerkat" climbed the railings "beauty" hidden in the bamboo panda quarantine field is located in the panda base on a hilltop, a small building of two gates, the quarantine field and the panda Quanshe and isolation from the noisy crowd. The pandas will have to import and export from the luxury villa moved here 30 days "xiaoheiwu". "Powerkat" climb out from the cage, separated on the rail Yishiyiting shows amazing climbing ability. A forefoot catch, hind legs to step on, round butt flexibly to jump up. Along the railings climbed to the top of another, clinging to the roof of the leap railing, hanging upside down, 77 kilograms of body curled into a ball, heavy fall. See sister climb to the roof with his sister, "beauty" is relatively calm. To a new home in a circle, they hide in the bamboo, through the gap to observe outside, less than 3 hours, "beauty" first ate hometown of bamboo. "Panda shy shy, climbing bar, sheep are called stress response. In this case, the staff had to leave, on duty outside." Young Luo Yunhong is twins during the isolation of full-time breeder, 24 hours to accompany the isolation field. Do not eat buns do not understand Sichuan panda keepers do not eat, headache. Let Luo Yunhong not worry is returned, panda fell in love with "foreign fast food", not interested in buns. Are made with starch, rice flour, soy flour and vitamins and other raw materials, the same nutrients, is the processing method is not the same." Luo Yunhong compared the two kinds of snacks, concluded that the taste is not the same. Obviously, "powerkat" and "beauty" of the taste of love cookies. When returning, random baggage with 1 months of biscuits, which almost became their daily snacks. Eating bamboo staple food, like some cookies for dessert; eat diced apples, like some biscuits powder when seasoning tired; drink slobber, like to eat cookies filling. In order to let them change the taste, Luo Yunhong reduced day by day biscuits amount for buns to feed. "Beauty" still eat incense, "powerkat" or unwilling to touch. Luo Yunhong said that the twins have a significant difference in language response. Sichuan only heard the name, they will make up lost face, the rest of the country is difficult to arouse their nostalgia. Instead of a simple command of English, can make the appropriate response. Appetite is getting better相关的主题文章: