Tong Zhang recorded the "story" Chinese salute heroes – Sohu entertainment actor Tong Zhang recording "story" China Sohu entertainment news recently, the tough guy actor Tong Zhang in Beijing to participate in the recording by Haifeng Ding hosted the "story" China series. Tong Zhang played two roles, one is the "Han village" in the slightly ambush staff Liu Jinxing, another is "a watch with 918" in Dong Pingyu, in the program recording at the same time, pay tribute to the heroes. The "story" China shows each about a China hero or Chinese stories happened in. The Tong Zhang who played two roles, as the staff Liu Jinxing in the "Han village ambush" slightly, and the 20 year old chief of staff, Wang Jinshan followed the civil war, Wang Jinshan was one of the prototype TV series "sword" in Li Yunlong. The personal bodyguard of Wei Heshang as everyone knows Tong Zhang once starred in "sword" in Li Yunlong, Li Yunlong is loyal, so Tong Zhang starred in "Han Lue Cun ambush" have different feelings. Although a guard is a staff, but it is the right-hand man, in the war is very important role. In a "watch and 918" in the story, Tong Zhang Dong Pingyu is deputy head of the Northeast Army in the third regiment of Xingan militia. The story is set in the "village incident", Dong Pingyu is a direct participant, from the trial to the last executed Japanese spy, he hated evil, of Japanese spy, full of patriotism. In the process of Japanese spy and wits, Tong Zhang through the details of the portrait, the role of a more perfect show to the audience. In the recording of the program, Tong Zhang admitted: to be able to play this role is also very honored to pay tribute to the revolutionary hero. And because the "ambush" Han Lue Cun interpretation, let me recall a lot of fun shooting the "bright sword"." It is reported that the "story" by the China studio scene reduction, and tells the story about the real simulation of the real image is composed of three parts, the conversion between the seamless space formed between the three, to the audience to restore a true scene experience. Look forward to Tong Zhang’s wonderful performance in the show.   相关的主题文章: