Warm burst! Huang Zitao got the night doing it, I want to fly to you "Tencent entertainment news last night, has been in Yinchuan Ganpai drama version of the" Westward Journey of love you ten thousand years "Huang Zitao night after work suddenly airborne micro-blog, interact with the fans. In fact Huang Zitao recently described as a work full of files, does not stop in the filming and recording of "real man" between the busy period to take new advertising, 5 days up to sleep less than 18 hours, very tired and sick, but in this case he also did not forget to interact with the fans frequently flop a warm and considerate. In the interaction, Huang Zitao first spoiled type greeting "why, I think of you", then "message for a long time did not like so tired recently, hope that November will come quickly, also respond to fans just call it a day, said today can transition back to Beijing shooting. In the meantime, there are fans drying out their own beads to do with Huang Zitao’s new album, "The Road" posters, he replied, "not afraid of your pride, give you a point haha" is also very naughty. In addition, there are non Zitao I questioned Huang Tao Tao, upright directly said "my micro-blog, who is not me, ah, there are also fans hoping to force Huang Zitao, think he is happy and keep smiling, he replied" good posture side brother sister ", more don’t let it go to the call response" for the fans talk about 2 dollars ", so it is warm and responsive, with boyfriend force. In addition, Huang Zitao also encouraged the study section of the fans "test on, fail to do something else, and for the next year. Rest assured the fans cheering" senior high school entrance examination to test it, don’t let yourself regret". Finally, a fan asked him what time the album, Huang Zitao responded that "look at the mood and finish time", also said that his home on stage look more than fans, so we do not worry, to the point of time, looking forward to the new album and tour next year. At the end, also did not forget to "good night", "I love you" love the fans, called the sweet, warm burst. Huang Zitao: "upright youth" label to do rejected idol strength相关的主题文章: