The "Taiwan independence" organization to ambush a night at the CKS Memorial Hall hanging black cloth original title: "Taiwan independence" organization for a night ambush at the CKS Memorial Hall, hanging black cloth [observer network] according to Taiwan "Central News Agency" reported on October 22nd, the "Taiwan independence" people ambush all night last night, this morning in Taipei in the memorial hall hung black propaganda banners, publicity and politics. But the cloth hanging out less than half an hour, the police were removed, all were brought back to the police station for questioning. Taipei CKS Memorial Hall in Taipei Memorial Hall in Taipei memorial hall was brought back to the police station for questioning Lin Dazhou (left) and Chen Junhan (right) according to Taiwan media reports, this farce "initiated by the director of the practice of the Justice League" Lin continents and "Taiwan independence" group "director of the Taiwan Office of Chen Junhan. Taipei memorial hall is being renovated in the near future, scaffolding outside the building scaffolding. 21 midnight approaching 12, Taiwan independence who took the opportunity to climb up the memorial hall building by scaffolding. On the 22 day they put down 7 points, two black cloth, were written above "massacre published the truth, in the end the liquidation" and "demolition of authoritarian symbol, carrying out justice". But only 10 minutes later, the police immediately took place propaganda strips and removed the two black Chen Junhan. But these people did not give up the "Taiwan independence". At 7:30, after hiding in the forest and in the height of the continents "in the memorial hall" plaque covered with black cloth. Less than 20 minutes, the police also came to the removal of black cloth. All protests are brought to the Taipei Police Bureau for questioning benevolence. Chen Junhan later said that Cai Yingwen has been in power, the authorities should be more as. For example, Jiang Jieshi’s birthday anniversary will be eliminated from the holiday, and dismantle all the statue of Jiang Jieshi, to "highlight the implementation of transitional justice determination". Lin continent also expressed the same view, called on the Cai Yingwen administration to take action. It is reported that two people were brought back to the police in violation of "law" to safeguard the social order, was sentenced to a fine of NT $2000 yuan per person. Editor: Kang Yunkai相关的主题文章: