2 "hot shot" Wu Xin the monster killer Chen Yao playing man stunned small meat – Sohu entertainment "2" starring Wu Xin the monster killer photo [Click to enter the HD Photo]   Sohu (the Kong Zhaotu flood video entertainment news video, by Sohu Keming) in Chinese film and television together to create the Fantasy super network drama "2" Wu Xin the monster killer in Jiaxing hot shot, the show as a producer by Cai Yinong, Li Guoli served as director of the system, the general director Han Dongjun, shot by Patrick Yau, Chen Yao, Li Landi, Wang Yanlin, Mike and other high value yen strength actor to join the effort. The day before the crew for the first time open media goings, Chen Yao oil head full suit up as a man, the aura overwhelm the actor, Mike for filming hard Chinese lines made rapid progress. At the end of the first quarter without re seal Yue qiluo. Yue qiluo’s story seems to have come to an end, but a new season cat Xiaoding caused a lot of users to guess the story, the film side of all network speculation is not accurate, the second season will feature the brain hole wide open burning brain. Mike   appeared in costume; Chen Yao playing the whole man, the most handsome storm temperament was closed last year, "" Wu Xin the monster killer turned out, not only to gain a good reputation, with more high quality definition of domestic network drama, known as network drama in the development of milepost type works. In the first quarter, the main line between a and qiluo Yue wits throughout the story, to be swallowed up Yue qiluo. Compared to the first quarter, "2" the background of Wu Xin the monster killer set in the 20 year after 1937 in Shanghai. When the crescent moon is gone, only physical immortality and no immortal soul Yue qiluo. A representative of the China spell will face the Japanese onmyoji Bai Chuan Lin, ancient Japanese rumors of the strange one after another on the flashy unrest in Shanghai. The studio played Ding Chen Yao playing cat shape also quite eye-catching, the spirit of the split a white suit, the forehead also revealed rosy lips and pretty white teeth, a charm, is simply "twenty years is difficult to meet the beauty of man". Playing a role is rare in the TV drama, most are just Nvbannanzhuang plot settings. The Chen Yao in the "2" Wu Xin the monster killer is in full play, Ding cat characters is a pure man. A domestic TV drama this bold set dates back to 20 years ago "The Legend Of White Snake" played by Cecilia Yip Xu xian. Chen Yao said to Han Dongjun, Mike often ask how to do men now in the studio, they would teach her how to walk, how more clothes, in order to man, and Han Dongjun ABS PK, Chen Yao is still under clothing pad muscles. Han Dongjun said, Chen Yao filming gap has been eating, take a Hot pot play non-stop to eat meat, do not eat meat that will forget the words. In the first quarter of the old soul has dark Lolita Yue qiluo impressed the audience, people love to hate. Ding Chen Yao is playing the cat gang boss’s son, is a cynical rich gongzige extremely cruel and merciless, cunning as Yue qiluo subtly malicious. Chen Yao, Han Dongjun is walking down the street. Han Dongjun cast change kuanglian daddy, Mike Chinese in order to retain the familiar smell "," 2 "Wu Xin the monster killer, Han donjun相关的主题文章: