From the end of the Heilongjiang post had threatened matricide girl: let the family die residual original title: Post threatened to let the family "immortality is disabled" in September 16th, 16 year old Heilongjiang girl Chen Xinran became the fugitive police reward. The next day, she surrendered to the police. Before the incident, her mother Li Xiaomei imprisoned in the city of Zhaodong in 8 days, including 4 days not to eat the mother, and the mother with tape and cloth tied to a chair up, mother was eventually tortured to death. A mother and daughter should be the world’s most pro people, before the tragedy, the mother and daughter in the end what happened? A family of "mother, obey in every way" "grumpy" father and daughter "girl" in most of his family and neighbors eyes, Li Xiaomei is a lanky, gentle and virtuous woman, the mother of his daughter instead, obey in every way; about 1.66 meters tall, medium body Chen Xinran seems to be a problem girl "one side: her hair shaved off, hair comb to the other side, is" cool". Li Xiaomei and her husband Chen Yonglin in the same company, the husband is responsible for the auditing work, she is the granary of the accounting staff. Every morning, Li Xiaomei always takes her daughter to school and to work. Even if her daughter read junior high school, Li Xiaomei insisted on riding her to school. After graduating from junior high school, Chen Xinran did not go to high school, stay at home all day. Later, because Chen readily mood is not stable, Li Xiaomei no longer stay in the unit to eat, go home after work to give her daughter to eat. She had said to his family, he tried to get closer to her daughter’s psychological distance, but each time to find Chen readily chat, have been rejected. In a log of Chen Xinran, she wrote: "parents and their parents from (I) when I was young, I just won’t tell hegemony." She described her father Chen Yonglin, temper, strong desire to control, resulting in poor family relations." In Chen Yonglin’s WeChat circle of friends, he sent a lot with her daughter about the content, but some are also some of the deep mother love, father helpless: on the night of January 9th, he made a circle of friends, "the child, love you, but very far away! Because I do not know how to express!" This circle of friends, he replied to a friend’s comment, love or hate, and parents, compared to how!" A tragedy will be the mother tied for 8 days, the video upload WeChat family group, said the money Caifang accident not long ago, Chen Xinran and his father had a conflict. In the conflict, she took a knife from her father and Chen Yonglin was sent to the hospital. Later, he went out and rented a house to live in. Later, Li Xiaomei went to the house to see her husband, Chen Xinran know, the lock and the keys are changed home. MR and Mrs Chen Yonglin can’t get in. Li Xiaomei bought buns and porridge every morning at the door, call or send text messages to tell Chen Xinran, and then left. From September 8th to 15 in the evening, Li Xiaomei was tied to her daughter in the family chair. During this period, Chen gladly even took Li Xiaomei tied the video and photos, sent to the family of WeChat group. Li Xiaomei’s sister, Li Aiqing recalls, she saw in the WeChat group, the 8 of the girls in the group相关的主题文章: