A false thing becomes true! Filming stage fire sale Mentholatum mask – Sohu entertainment hot girl 2 "the first dual cyclone cyclone" in Hunan satellite TV broadcast Youth Theatre, the continuation of the first quarter hit momentum, broadcast time dual network and won the first national ranking! Net 1.59%, 1.003% city network. The evening of August 4th, the two indexes were up to 1.96%, respectively, Ji Chang Wook, An Yue, who joined the drama, estimated that the stream did not expect this tornado blew so hot it, 1.243%. Leading men and women must be highly dependent on the high ratings brought about by the high degree of attention, should let the Lord, the Lord gains a lot. In the play, but two people are "poor" — paraquat was adopted orphans; while Ji Chang Wook played the Changan by Fang Tinghao asks why cypress only answered out of money "! In order to raise young beauty went to Japan to participate in the challenge of travel, Changan to sell ice carving craft (it is out of money); and an Yue Xi played by paraquat to go do temporary promotion!" fire sale promotion "a false thing becomes true mask said, in order to make the promotion of drama, the crew moved to a temporary site building, Mentholatum stores display shelves to promote sales props, and promotional products is closely associated with the girls the mask. In order to simulate the real scene, all the actors are also put on the clothing market promotion, in the streets handing out leaflets, experience products, hard sell Mentholatum mask — the "minute male god bright blind eye" Rose Mask, "every inch of skin supple", "Sun repair" Aloe Mask Lavender mask…… Finished the scene, onlookers passers-by have flocked to the display shelves, ask the staff to promote the products, so when the "promotion", "star with a mask" male master sold out! This is really happy, think Mentholatum herbal beauty liquid mask has so much charm, this ". Go to the world tour"!相关的主题文章: