"Dragon Ball" the legend of Yang Zi Qin Junjie "will debut in China Merchants and bucket" Sohu "Dragon Ball entertainment legend" Anhui TV debut investment Sohu entertainment news by Providence film, television media CO produced by Yue, Wu Yi, Wang Xianmin, Li Yaling, Deng Xibin screenwriter, producer Zhu Shaojie, Wu Li, Zhou Yuanzhou’s high Xinjie producer, Yang Zi, Qin Junjie, Siqin Gaowa, Mao Zijun, Han, happy Chengyu, Liu Xueyi, Sun Yu starred in the romantic drama "legend" – loaded dragon will be landing in Anhui TV in 2017. Yesterday, as the annual Anhui TV drama, "dragon legend" in three starring Yang Zi, Qin Junjie, happy surprise appearance of Anhui TV investment, not only in the field to share the studio fun, shows the Qing Dynasty etiquette, to great acclaim. Yang Zi then loaded role child heart spy has been relaxed interpretation of the Qing Dynasty, Yang Zi played in a variety of different types of roles, continue to break through their acting skills and impress the audience. The star of "dragon legend" in Li Yi Huan, Yang Zi after a lapse of thirteen years once again challenge the clean install opera, but also for the first time after the Qing Yang Zi adult costume. Previously, the Qing costume was announced it led fans praise: "Yi Huan old beautiful greasy". Yang Zi said the investment will be more in the role is child heart, like a child new role mixed set also let fans feel surprise. Yang Zi Qin Junjie "dragon legend", Qin Junjie first played an emperor – Kangxi. In order to play this role, Qin Junjie admitted: pressure is quite large". Therefore, before the shooting, he has done a lot of preparation, fully understand the traditional culture, and strive to better to figure out the character and background of the story, to show the audience a different boy Kangxi. And the ease of Liangjiao ornaments in a drama, a female secretary Shu Wan heart, another is the Pearl Valley master sister snow allure. Talking about the role this time as the snow turned, comfortable also jokes that she is a spy for the Qing Dynasty, the story of the perplexing overweight again. The Yang Zi Qin Junjie show a comfortable palace etiquette tea skill "Dragon Ball legend" story relates to the Ming and Qing Dynasties two dynasties of the dispute, in order to respect the history, Yang Zi and happy in between takes to learn two dynasties and etiquette, but also in the field of temporary staged a "palace show etiquette". Between the two hand gestures to show proficiency in the Qing Dynasty etiquette, the crew of the traditional etiquette culture and attention to detail to show the most incisive carving. At the same time, Yang Zi, Qin Junjie, still in the field to share the comfortable shooting fun. Yang Zi saw the delicacy Qin Junjie second costume drool with envy, "Ding Junhui", "photo shoot laugh and other scenes photos upon exposure, the audience realized the harmony and joy" dragon legend "crew. And finally Qin Junjie also described by tea etiquette opportunities to customers and friends from a cup of tea, the expression of the "dragon legend" crew thanks to everyone, but also to let the audience look forward to such a warm crew how to bring the sincerity of the. "Dragon legend" tells the story of the Ming Dynasty the last princess Li Yihuan encounters incognito boy Kangxi, after know little, but most.相关的主题文章: