"Our children are bruised leg rule" Philippines deep-sea fishing Tong Tencent domineering return Philippine entertainment news recently, Anhui TV hit reality show "the rule" two round of broadcast, "jungle jungle powder" again review family survival adventure experience, feel the jungle family let people miss those beautiful starry night. However, there are attentive fans found children of phenanthrene in a submarine fishing back legs are bruised. In the jungle family of second living in Vanuatu, the jungle family upgrade, child Philippines as a wonderful debut of the eighth members. As a new member of the family to join the jungle, Tong Fei refused to drag the whole family’s hind legs, although it is the field of survival of the white, but he worked hard to learn anything can help people skills. Whether it is deep-sea fishing, unarmed clean chicken fish, sea cucumber, etc., Tong Fei never afraid. There are lots of users’ evaluation of phenanthrene is not hypocritical, down to earth female stars; through our "rule" a more in-depth understanding of her, the child is not the appearance of the goddess Philippines, on the contrary it is the heart strong woman man Tong fei. The Philippine children with "Shanghai", "Macao vice" series, "true love", "female man formula" and other works of a moron brothers won praise. It is reported that the Philippine children as "Twilight female China first starring in the Sino French CO produced film" Twilight "in Paris on 2017 to meet with you.相关的主题文章: