Since November 1st, Zhengzhou implementation of the most stringent anti haze orders – Beijing – reporter Li Lin in November 1st, Zhengzhou began to carry out the history of the most stringent "" fine "to prevent haze. The introduction of the "Winter Atmospheric Pollution Prevention and pollution control action staggering production plan", October 29th, Zhengzhou city held a "winter" meeting in the heavy pollution weather emergency response, dust control, control, control of coal industry, car control, low control non-point source etc. put forward new requirements. In addition to start the "winter" and "dust limit soil" winter haze prevention is difficult. In order to minimize dust pollution, Zhengzhou city in accordance with the relevant requirements of the implementation of preventive measures "to limit soil", from November 1st to March 31, 2017 this year, all units, counties (cities and districts) to stop approving new district demolition projects and new road excavation project (except Zhong Damin project), to minimize the construction dust pollution. In November a week to organize a "clean" action, not only to thoroughly clean the completed residential district public areas and enterprises in the region, but also on the area of the building facade cleaning and cleaning roof. The soil order also refine the freezing period and non freezing winter road sweeping and cleaning solutions, non freezing period to road sprinkler cleaning wet work, ensure that the road is the city center and the key areas of cleaning frequency; freezing period is to increase new sweeper sweeping machine operation, on the main roads and key roads effective cleaning; encountered adverse weather conditions, but also further increase the frequency of road cleaning, effectively reduce dust emission of city road. Reducing pollution of key "dingshou" industrial enterprises to reduce pollution of industrial enterprises is the key to cure haze. Zhengzhou City, "ordered": during the period from November 1st to January 31, 2017 this year, the city of cement and foundry enterprises, in addition to city residents heating, CO disposal of waste and hazardous waste and other livelihood tasks outside the production line shut down, and enable the online monitoring platform by random sampling to monitor emissions monitoring of key enterprises pollutant, found on the monitor data fraud, will be transferred to the judicial organs of the responsible personnel. Establishment of key gas companies involved in the work of the regulatory mechanism. The state-controlled, provincial control, city and county control control involving gas pollution sources, staggering production enterprises and did not achieve ultra-low emissions of local coal-fired power plants, the implementation of the person in the factory, not regular checks, random monitoring and other control measures, all-weather tracking and monitoring of the enterprise’s production operation and operation of environmental protection facilities, pollution emissions, prevent enterprises forge operation data of environmental protection facilities. The implementation of environmental publicity system for heavy polluting enterprises in urban areas. At the gate of each plant, the production load, the amount of coal used in industry, the quality of coal, the concentration of pollutant emission, the emission limit and the total amount of emissions are announced in real time. The details of tube vehicle coal pipe in order to reduce vehicle pollution caused by fireworks, before the end of October, all installed real-time positioning system in Zhengzhou city of construction waste, waste materials such as transport vehicles, networking and monitoring platform and realize the sharing of information, and severely punish vehicles running 0 drops of muck相关的主题文章: