Putin or Andouble to visit Japan in December to consider the original title: Putin served in the home or to visit Japan in December Andouble considered in his hometown in honor of Putin international online Zhuangao: according to Japan’s "Asahi Shimbun" reported on August 31st, the Russo Japanese government has Russian President Putin’s visit to Japan in December, and Japanese Prime Minister Abe Shinzo in the hometown of Yamaguchi Prefecture held a summit meeting matters in the final the coordination stage. It is reported that if the visit will take place, Putin’s visit to Japan since November 2005 after a lapse of 11 years. The Japanese government sources, Putin’s visit to Japan is expected to be 2 days and 1 nights. The Japanese government believes that the hot springs hotel in Yamaguchi County hospitality Putin, and where the summit plan is more powerful. Reported that Andouble hopes to entertain Putin in his hometown of deepen the trust between leaders, so that in the disputed territory of Northern Territory (Russia said the South Kuril Islands) progress on the problem. In September, Andouble will attend the meeting in Vladivostok "Oriental Economic Forum", is expected in September 2nd will hold summit talks with Putin. Andouble hopes to make progress on territorial issues through a series of summit talks. It is reported that in the northern territories issue, the Japanese government’s basic policy is "to determine the four islands belonging, then peace treaty", and Russia in the country (called the library Nashier Island (Russia, Russia) Etorofu two islands Pudao Chen Yi Lu soil) to seek military positions, so the current negotiations to progress. Andouble believes that if you want to solve the problem of the Northern Territory, the conclusion of a peace treaty, it is necessary to deepen personal trust with Putin. Andouble to consider the summit held by the negotiations to find a breakthrough. In May this year, Andouble and Putin held talks in Sochi, put forward the economic cooperation scheme of 8 projects in healthy life, city construction and development as the focal point of the far east. For these economic cooperation, Andouble is expected to convey specific plans at the summit in September 2nd. Analysts pointed out that the Japanese government looks forward to deepening economic cooperation, softening Russia’s attitude on territorial issues. In addition, the leaders of the two countries held talks in Sochi in June, in the territory of negotiation agreed by "does not rigidly adhere to the new ways of the past". In this regard, the Japanese government is hoping to discuss the draft as the outcome of the talks issued a joint statement on the occasion of Putin’s visit to Japan in December. (Pan Wanli) editor: high Yuying相关的主题文章: