Chengdu Chongqing high-speed a woman stuck between truck and rail tragic scene (Figure) Sichuan Chengdu news network October 22nd news (Zhao Rui reporter Liang Peng) 7 points late today, Chengdu public security fire brigade six squadron command center received a scheduling order: Jianyang Expressway from Longquan to Chengdu (micro-blog) export one kilometer accident, one person trapped in case of emergency, urgent need of rescue. After receiving the alarm, Chengdu public security fire brigade six squadron rescue team rushed to the scene of the accident rescue. 20 minutes later, the squadron officers arrived at the scene, the rescue team after the preliminary investigation learned that a red truck will squeeze a woman on the highway on the right side of the fence, the trapped woman kept moaning, very painful. According to the scene, the executive branch will be closed road highway processing, in order to facilitate the smooth and safe rescue work. Rescue team after observation, found that the woman’s legs were stuck between the fence and a large truck, the wound has been bleeding. Due to the accident site is located in the downhill section of the highway, so the rescue team immediately use the anti-skid pad to fix the cart wheel, to avoid the cart forward sliding. Subsequently, the rescue team with the first expansion of the expansion of the body of the hydraulic shear, and then use a toothless saw to cut the fence. After nearly 40 minutes of rescue, the trapped woman was successfully rescued, and vital signs are good, conscious, but more serious injuries to the legs, then the scene to assist the rescue of the 120 medical personnel rushed to the hospital. According to the rescue team after understanding, when the accident occurred, the woman in the car ride downhill in the process of collision accident and the front car traveling in the same direction. When the passengers get off the car to observe the situation, the rear of the truck brake is not timely, hit the roadside pedestrians, and caused the trapped personnel were stuck between the truck and the fence. (provided by the fire department)相关的主题文章: