"Flower" male officer Jia Nailiang won praise letter old self deprecating attitude and good temper – Sohu held "pool party’s entertainment entertainment Sohu 20:30 tonight," in the mood "men’s team will usher in a period ending. The program calls "the God of love and beauty" Jia Nailiang, changed the past tinkling se de Huan "image, in the end of the recording and said:" in addition to people outside the family to travel, this is the first time that a person suddenly out of time to think about life, experience a lot also, see a lot of things, I think I now live like is 40 years old."     "in the mood" after the premiere of Jia Nailiang’s, because the program in speech without "friendly fire" Guo Degang, was friends Tucao "silly white sweet". With a view to promote the program, the "beautiful" Guazaizuibian "handsome man", but in the brave completed 4000 feet skydiving, a series of challenges of helicopter, cliff jumped into the sea, drifting…… forthright masculinity in the audience, in one fell swoop reversed their male gods of the heart of the impression. For this "to show their" trip, Jia Nailiang on the occasion of the farewell laments: "before I started, I said, not because of any problem, let oneself become too rational. To participate in this program, whether it is happy or unhappy, can give you the most real side, this is what I have done the most courageous thing." Witnessed the way Jia Nailiang changes, good brothers in the interview letter praising: "he is a very interesting and funny person, I think he is the idol burden is very heavy, but he is very stable, very good, is a worthy friend." For the early Eastern Europe, together with the money on the street, OD Jia Nailiang is the entertainer, considerate and. Although often with OD for Guo Degang, a disciple of the "beauty" of the problem in order to laugh at each other, but always in the first time, OD comfort and persuasion to help him overcome the fear. About the Jia Nailiang brothers, quite a sense of Freemasonry words: "I admire OD, he can always create a happy mood, imperceptibly he will be infected. He is also very sensitive, and the two of us are now very similar to the state, because the family and other reasons, become afraid, timid, and I want to help him."相关的主题文章: