The sea bottom is faint Hou Guo handwriting and symbols unearthed bamboo or chess as "shocking discovery — Nanchang sea Han Hou faint archaeological achievements exhibition" since opening in October 11th, welcomed by many people, the sea once again become the focus of the network with hou. The day before the sea, faint Hou Liu He Tomb of the archaeological site came the latest news, reporters at the scene learned that the sea faint Hou Tomb of Liu He has entered the final stage of the coffin chamber dismantling, archaeologists found a lot of words and symbols in the coffin plate. The coffin bottom handwriting and symbol site discovered in September this year, the tomb coffin room faint Hou sea began dismantling, at present has been carried out to extract and disassemble the third layer coffin tomb, third layers underneath there are sleepers and charcoal. The sleeper is fourth times to be extracted after the extraction, the sleepers will be excavated, the archaeologists coffin tomb, experts speculate that the following may also have some relics, the remains of sacrifice. At the scene, the reporter saw the northeast and northwest of the main coffin room. How to extract the 5 pieces of wood coffin, two blocks were taken with the wooden coffin room, back at the scene of the three pieces of wood coffin left handwriting. The sea faint Hou tomb archaeological team leader Yang Jun told reporters, "we find in the coffin room saw the coffin wood word, now found coffin floor also has text, there are some symbols. But what is the meaning of the word, is estimated to be studied, marking coffin floor information, such as how long is placed in the coffin chamber, and in which direction, where do the information." The staff of the coffin wood on the word of touch-rich, the reporter saw, the staff took extension of seven words, preliminary identified as "Deng Gong Mu three feet long". The "Deng" word, there may be a surname, it may be said that a position in the Western Han Dynasty, "Deng" and "East" word is likely to pass. Yang Jun also told reporters that the dismantling work will last for two months, the dismantling of coffin room, they for each layer, each piece of wood coffin is numbered by staff records, drawing, photographing, scanning, after the completion of these tasks, and dismantling. After the completion of the dismantling, archaeologists will use 2 months time to dig or dissect the bottom of the tomb. Yang Jun said, out of the coffin wood will be disassembled for dehydration, pest control, anti disease protection, until the bottom of the excavation work after the end of the tombs, all through the protection according to the number of layers of wood coffin will return to the original position. The progress of archaeological excavation of tomb for lady Liu He is expected to unhistorical in the room, Muronai Wenbo repair work is also being launched, the type, the number of lacquer ware and the number statistics, more than 5000 pieces of bamboo slips for cleaning is currently working on decolorization. The reporter saw in the protection of lacquer wares, room type staff are all the woodwork and number of collation, and according to the number of statistical input system, provides the convenience for the future establishment of cultural relics protection archives. The staff next year will continue to increase the lacquerware cultural relic dehydration, reinforcement, repair, stereotypes, and metal cultural relics restoration efforts. Since 2016, archaeologists have successfully stripped out more than 5000 pieces of bamboo, bamboo slips through the infrared scanning, the original handwriting gradually desalination show. Now release read "the Analects of Confucius", "book of changes", "book of Rites" Report相关的主题文章: