Arts-and-Entertainment Born under Gemini, you have a restless mind, which drives you to seek intellectual challenges. Your intellect craves stimulation and you tend to take an interest in things that pose some mental ability and agility. You are drawn to pursuits and pastimes that require strategic thinking. You love interacting with others and enjoy the challenge of stimulating conversation – particularly the challenge of bouncing ideas off other people and making telling points in a conversation. People seek your company because they are drawn to your lively wit and personality. You have an ability to cut to the heart of a matter, which leads people to seek your advice. The Gemini tattoo you choose will need to be interesting and meaningful. Gemini Tattoo Designs The Gemini Zodiac symbol, also called The Twins, looks like the Roman numerals II. This is to represent the twin sons of Zeus and Leda in Greek mythology, called Castor and Pollux. This has influenced tattoo designs, as the twins are often shown as twin figures or twin heads, and can be male or female. The symbol itself is simple and many people choose a simple design, particularly if it is a first tattoo, but there is plenty of scope for embellishment. If the tattoo is to remember someone special then it tends to be more decorative, with flowers in and around the symbol and maybe a date of birth or death. The vertical design of a Gemini tattoo works well on arms and legs as it tends to flow with the limbs. Celtic Gemini Tattoo Ideas The simple nature of the Zodiac symbol can form a good base for other artwork. The intertwining of Celtic knotwork can embellish the image. This connects you to the artistic and complex nature of the Celtic people and adds an air of mystery to the tattoo. Because the symbol represents the Twins, it is said a Gemini has two sides to their personality: a lively, fun-loving, compassionate side and a nervous, indecisive side. This fits the Celts as they were dual-natured – while they were fierce warriors and feared enemies, they were also sensitive poets and artists. Tribal Gemini Tattoo Ideas Here again, the Gemini Zodiac symbol lends itself to a strong simple design or to one with more intricate artwork building on that theme, which tribal designs do so well. The tribal designs can work well as larger images but they need a bigger area such as a thigh or back. The strong lines of the Tribal designs can remind you of your dual personality but, at the same time, be a constant reminder to stay faithful to that positive side of you – the lively, witty, kind, fun-living side. It can also remind you to make decisions and follow them through. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: