What Is The Happy Marriage Recipe? Posted By: Michael Logan What is the happy marriage recipe, and what role do chocolate and chemistry play in a happy marriage recipe? Most folks associate chocolate with romantic love, that early in love stage that Helen Fisher, Ph.D., Chief Scientific Officer of Chemistry has studied and written so much about, which usually happens before participants are contemplating a marriage. It turns out that chocolate has a molecule in it, PEA, which alerts the brain for something exciting to happen. Dr. Daniel Amen suggests that a square or two of dark chocolate could be part of any couple’s date night, especially for husbands of wives whose cingulate gyrus can get stuck. I am not going to go into the subtleties of Dr. Amen’s argument, but I do want to illustrate that research has taken us to the brain and its chemicals as part of our happy marriage recipe. Apparently we are past the breathless advice of mavens and gurus and into brain science for our happy marriage advice. In fact, Dr.happy marriage recipe happy marriages recipe for a happy marriage happy marriage recipe Light The Candle Of Peace Within And This Is The Best Stress Management Technique! Posted By: Ashish Jain Stress management techniques are meant to engage stress. They are meant to meet it half way, and not allow it to score over you. Remember, when you begin to understand and analyze the cause of your stress, half of it vanishes into thin air. It is so because the stress in itself does not have any independent existence. It is the condition of the mind. Howsoever powerful may the waves in the ocean be, the real nature of the waves is water! Similarly, howsoever intense may be your suffering, howsoever strong may be the agitation, the real nature of the mind is peace and bliss. When you commence your efforts to achieve it, it has no other option but to co-operate with you. You have peace and happiness in your pocket. Why do you search for it elsewhere? Some of the stress management techniques, from the secular point of view are: 1. Do the type of activity that will de-stress you. Walk in the garden on the green carpet, surrounded by bushes and trees. 2. Eat the type of food that you like the most; if you are an expert at it, prepare it yourself. 3.stress management technique work place stress management manage stress stress management technique 相关的主题文章: