UnCategorized When someone hears the city name "Calgary", it is hard not to equate it to the Calgary Stampede. The Calgary Stampede is the greatest outdoor show on earth, and is a huge festival and rodeo that takes place every year in the province of Alberta, Canada every year in July. It lasts for ten days, and is a great way to take in the great sights, sounds and culture of Canada. Not only does it include the rodeo and an exhibition, but it also boasts a midway, stage shows, competitions, live entertainment and bands, and races. The Calgary Stampede was founded in 1886 in the celebration of the arrival of the Canadian Pacific Railway. It was founded first as an exhibition and then was inaugurated as the Calgary Stampede in 1912. The first ever Stampede attracted over 100,000 people as it boasted the best cowboys across North America for the Wild West Rodeo show. It was a gigantic hit and today the big event pulls in over one million people as spectators each year. Its history is rich with notable events, including the donation of a silver trophy cup from the Prince of Wales, and a silent movie event that was shown across North America in the 1930s, further attracting more attention to the annual event. The City of Calgary has many attractions and the Stampede is just one of those. Condos sell quickly due to the new development and fairgrounds that are being built to house the Calgary Stampede in the future. The new fairgrounds will feature a casino, hotel, main street and retail/market area for visiting enthusiasts to enjoy. Unfortunately, the Stampede has endured controversy over the years due to animal rights activists and the issue of animals being used in the various rodeo events. Although there have been animal deaths in the process of holding the event, the immense support that it has garnered through its rich history ensure its stability well into the foreseeable future. So, next time you are visiting Alberta on vacation, are considering purchasing condos in the area, or just want a new adventure for your next vacation, consider coming to the Calgary Stampede. It is a piece of old Western history and a new experience for your family to enjoy. Whether you are a thrill seeker on the midway, or just want the entertainment of a classic rodeo and exhibition, there is something for everyone. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: