SEO Search engine optimization, or SEO, refers to the process of increasing your websites position in the search engines results pages of search engines such as Google, Yahoo and MSN. In today’s competitive online marketplace, failing to leverage search engines to drive traffic to your website is a big mistake, especially when it is inevitable that your competitors will be doing exactly that. When it comes to deciding how to commit to SEO, some businesses choose to outsource to an SEO company or an SEO consultant however other businesses choose to undergo SEO training as a means of ensuring they have the in-house skills necessary to guide strategy, allot resources and truly represent the long-term goals of their business. Following are reasons why investing in SEO training for your IT or marketing function is better than fully outsourcing SEO to a sub-contractor and leaving your position in the search engines fully in their hands. Understanding of Your Market When it comes to your business, nobody knows it better than your company. When it comes to choosing keywords that you would like to rank for, it is difficult for a company that only has skills in SEO to know what words are likely to imply intent towards your products and services. For example, an SEO company may choose to invest your resources into ranking your business for keywords such as learn html if you are a web design company. However, as a web design company you would understand that someone conducting a search for learn html is likely wanting to learn about web design, without a view to outsourcing it. It is also the case that you will be able to perform competitive analysis with a full understanding of your sector, your competition, and their offerings. Protecting your Brand Assets SEO companies, in an effort to impress clients, may opt to undertake strategy that will help your company in the short term, at the detriment of your websites long term potential. Once your company has undergone SEO training, even if you decide to outsource, you will be able to instruct your SEO Company as to what strategy you are banning them from undertaking. For example, blatantly buying links for your website may provide good short term results, however in the long run customers that see this will lose trust in your company; and ultimately so will the search engines at the rate their algorithms are progressing. No Conflict of Interest An SEO company, or consultant, may suggest allotting more resources into search engine optimization than you feel you will get a return from once you have underwent training and are aware of the likely benefit of undertaking certain tactics. Through having a deeper understanding of your businesses marketing channels and through also understanding the opportunity cost of decisions; you will be able to ensure that resources allotted in the best way for your bottom line. Because an SEO company ultimately earns more when you allot more resources to SEO, you can take this conflict of interest out of the equation entirely. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: