College-University Criminal Justice is a study process that has been initiated by the government of all nations with the aim to deter and control crime and fight criminals. Criminal Justice System is the building block of running a society that is fully functional. Thus, the government has initiated to teach the citizens ways of reducing crime and maintaining a healthy, meaningful society through Criminal Justice degree programs that deal with areas like law enforcement, prison system, courtroom proceedings, etc. Criminal Justice can be practiced in various forms of services like, probationer officer, correction officer, detective, police officer serving departments like criminology, forensics, immigration, security administration, etc. You can even serve the Federal Bureau of Investigation by opting to practice Criminal Justice at the Federal level. Business degree programs are also preferred highly by online scholars due to their success and high demand in all industries. Study Choices in Criminal Justice Since Criminal Justice is a hot career choice, Criminal Justice degree programs offered in colleges are many. The basic course pursuable for those who have no prior degrees on this subject is Associate of Science in Criminal Justice. This degree will help the students qualify for professional access in the departments that include: Law enforcement Police force Corrections Security Those studying Associate of Arts in the same are taught the methods of law enforcement and are also provided explicit knowledge on the functioning and processes of the enforcement agencies of court functions and correctional organizations. A higher level of study on the subject is the Bachelors degree, which will, however, need the students to have a background education on law. This course teaches the students to prepare for professional positions at an entry level in criminology, probation and other related areas. Career Prospects Career opportunities offered by Criminal Justice programs are numerous, depending upon the level of degree and the grades attained. Regardless of the course chosen, ensure that the certificate is obtained from an accredited organization that is existing for several years. However, the career choices presented by the subject are: Crime scene investigator ATF agent INS agent CIA agent DEA agent Marshals Correction officers Sheriffs Talking about business degree programs which is another potential career choice, scholars can choose to study MBA, BBA or other specialized courses in Entrepreneurship, Marketing, HR, etc. Finance and Accounting are also favourable choices for those who are good at number crunching. About the Author: 1. Rank all of your schools according to their rankings nationally The first thing that you need to do is to rank all of the schools that you have been accepted to. You will find these forms that can help you to rank these schools in my … 相关的主题文章: