How To Use Email Marketing Posted By: Amy ekmResponse email marketing solutions ekmResponse email mar ekmResponse email marketing solutions How Do Spam Filters Work? Posted By: Amy If you work within email marketing you are bound to already have some inking of what a spam filter is, but in order to get around them when sending emails it is vital that you have a better understanding of them. Spam filters are often what stand between you and your customers when launching email marketing campaigns, so if you want to make sure that you are able to get through to your customers you should always do your research before sending out your emails. Every email account in the world, no matter which company it is associated with, will have some kind of spam filter in action. They are essentially a filtration system for any emails which the user receives and it is able to divert emails which it deems ‘spammy’ to the junk or spam email box. Spammy emails are usually ones which contain viruses or which include links to websites that contain viruses, as well as phishing scams and general scams that could endanger the user’s identity, email account or even their bank account.ekmresponse email marketing software ekmresponse email mark ekmresponse email marketing software 相关的主题文章: