Travel-and-Leisure San Diego Vacations: Best Time to Visit The best time to take a trip to San Diego would be from July to October, but there are many issues to address. For instance, if you are the sort of person who runs away from crowds, then you should probably visit in October, where it is still warm enough to get a tan at the beach but, not jam packed. In any case, you must analyze the weather report before making arrangements as sometimes there tend to be heavy rainfalls in October. Do not visit from mid May to early July as there are dull grey clouds that engulf the beaches and there is no sunlight to bask in. The locals refer to this period as the June Gloom. If you are visiting from a cold and chilly area and really want to bask in the warm sun, then you should plan your trip in July or August as it can get really hot then. By far the ideal time to visit is September, when it is still dry but, a little less hot. Sporty Vacations in San Diego You can take part in numerous adventure sports in San Diego during your next vacation there as there are many beaches and water related sports are very common. One of the easiest things you can do is go and hang out at the beach all day, since there are miles of beaches and perfect beach conditions. Mission Bay is an excellent location for windsurfing, jet skiing or sailing. Good sailors will also enjoy sailing at Chula Vista or Point Loma or whale watching with a guided tour out in the water. Dive locations to consider include Yukon, Ruby E or Wreck Alley, but there are many dive operators in the city that you can go with. The Torrey Pines Glider Port at La Jolla is an excellent place for hang gliding, but you can also go hang gliding at the cliffs over the Pacific. There are also many other activities like hiking, biking, kayaking or rock climbing. San Diego Vacations: Height of Delight San Diego boasts of a wide choice of amusement parks. Knotts Berry Farm is a well known park in America. This park is situated in Buena Vista, California and contains nine stimulating roller coaster rides and four water slides. During Halloween, this park transforms into Knotts Scary Farm and then miraculously in spring, it becomes Knotts Merry Farm. Another exciting amusement park to visit is the Belmont Park. This park is one of the historical landmarks of California. Its famous ride, The Giant Dipper, is a wooden roller coaster which has been operational since 1925. Like Florida, SeaWorld San Diego is also a significant tourist attraction. Being at SeaWorld is similar to being a part of the open ocean because you are encircled with penguins, sharks, dolphins and whales. Disney land or The happiest place on Earth as it is commonly known, is the second most visited park in the entire world. Spend Some Romantic Time in San Diego with your Loved One A beautiful city to visit with your loved one is San Diego as there are numerous places you can go to in order to enjoy some alone time. Sea World has beautiful fireworks displays that can be enjoyed from a nearby beach while cuddling together in front of a bonfire. While on the beach, you can also take in a spectacular sunset over the Pacific as this is one of the most unique things about the West Coast. Horse-drawn carriages can add a touch of fairytale to your holiday as you get cozy under a blanket and ride along the waterfront. For those interested in high quality food, there are many cruises on the bay where you can enjoy tasty food, good music and dancing. Gondola rides though the Coronado Island waters are perfect for those looking for a calm evening where they can just sit back and enjoy some wine. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: