Home-and-Family Electrical Evaluation Audit, a new service offered by Allstar Electrical Services, a full-service commercial and residential electrician and electrical construction firm serving Colorado’s Front Range. It is designed to bring peace of mind to commercial property owners and homeowners, ensuring that their electrical service is safe and operating at optimum level. Gary Stone, president and founder of Allstar Electrical, says the new Electrical Evaluation Audit was launched because homeowners in particular, but also commercial property owners in many cases, have no idea that their electrical service is in a state of disrepair or has just deteriorated with age. "When customers hire us for installation of receptacles or lights and we diagnose problems like the service panel being dangerously close to needing repair," says Stone. "Unless a circuit breaks or power to the structure is interrupted, most people don’t check their electrical box. Our audit will either bring peace of mind that everything is ship-shape, or we can recommend repairs and improvements." Stone, a licensed Colorado electrician since the 1970s who founded Allstar in 2000, says the biggest potential electrical problem for residential customers is work that has been done over the years by a handyman installing outlets for a kitchen remodel, or new outlets for an entertainment system or any number of remodeling projects, who taps into the electrical panel improperly. "We see it all the time," says Stone. "Illegal wiring, panels left open enabling moisture to creep in and circuit breakers with the wrong amperage for the circuit. The untrained eye simply can’t see the problems." In commercial properties the most typical problems to electrical panels are age, weather damage, and overloading of circuits, he adds, and the Allstar Electrical Evaluation Audit can raise any red flags before a service outage shuts down the businesses at the property. On homes that have undergone additions or remodels, or any property older than 15 years, Stone recommends an Electrical Evaluation Audit. He notes, electrical codes change in time and with so many advances coming to electrical appliances and conveniences, it is necessary to ensure a home’s electrical service is up to the modern load demands. Too often, he says, older homes have electrical systems and breaker boxes that wouldn’t be allowed in new construction of the same size. "Like plumbing, electrical service is one of those conveniences that gets attention only when it breaks down," says Stone. "It is not only more disruptive and expensive to handle an emergency repair, but more serious consequences could result from waiting until an issue arises. Better to get it before disaster strikes." The cost is a flat rate of $150 for homeowners, and varies for commercial property owners depending on the number of electrical panels involved, for a visual inspection of the property’s electrical service box and circuit breaker panel. Allstar’s licensed electricians check for any potential hazards, such as undersized service (e.g. 100 amp versus 200 amp), moisture intrusion, worn out or outdated circuit breakers, out-of-code or illegal wiring, loose connections and any issue that could affect safety of service or ability to adequately deliver electrical to the structure. Allstar Electrical personnel can also performs more extensive electrical audits in homes and commercial structures, checking lighting, receptacles and appliance connections for signs of wear or distress. Costs for these services would depend on the size of the structure, says Stone. From new construction electrical installation, lighting systems, repair and maintenance and photovoltaic solar systems to complete remodeling services, Allstar performs a full range of electrical services for industrial properties, commercial projects and homeowners. For more information on the Electrical Evaluation Audit and all of the firm’s services visit or call 303-399-7420. Copyright (c) 2011 Gerry Stringer About the Author: 相关的主题文章: