girl killed charnel bed box recently, Pulandian city’s "24 year old girl killed in the possession of the case" marvel. The clothes bar on the balcony hangs the towel and sock she used to live. This room looks like a girl, and it is warm and bright. She must be a woman who yearns for sunshine and warmth. However, she was only 24 years old and was brutally murdered and hid her body in a bed box. Her neighbors were the first to discover the difference. At that time, the corridor exudes a smell of corruption. Residents Xunde stand, it reflects the matter to the jurisdiction of the police. After police arrived at the scene, it was found that the smell is from a family floating out. The police unlocked the door into the locked room and found the girl lying in the bed case. The girl has a mark on her neck. She was strangled. Police confirmed the identity of the girl, her name is Wu Si, is a net about car drivers. Police around the victim Wu Si’s personal relations and economic exchanges to investigate, found the victim bank card last transaction is strange: after the girl died, the bank card has 10 thousand yuan in cash was taken away! The man who took the money was named Liu, who was also 24. Liu Mouceng was sentenced to four years for theft, just released from prison, less than a year. Police believe Liu Mouyou large crime suspects, and to their families psychological policy. In a strong deterrent, Liu in the day prior to the Pulandian police. Liu after appearing in court, confessed to the police crime reason. Originally, Liu and Wu Si is through the net about car understanding. In more than 2 months, Liu every day commuting to take Wu Si’s car. For a long time, two people cooked, there is a feeling of regret, because they have a common interest. For example, two people like to play online games, especially online gambling games. For the return of 100 thousand yuan money quarrel anger murder Liu said that gambling will inevitably lose money, two people who hand off, would lend some money to the other. Not long ago, he borrowed 100 thousand yuan from Wu’s hand. Originally agreed to repay the day, but Wu Si but let him pay back in advance. Two people quarrel in Sijia Wu, Liu afraid of her gambling thing spread, so he reined her neck she doesn’t leave. After killing Wu, Liu hid her body in the bed box. At this point, Liu did not repent, but calculated Wu Si bank card account money, so he passed his ID card, bank card and mobile phone number, change the password, and the rest of the 10 thousand cards transferred to WeChat. That is, this behavior, so that Liu was eventually locked police. Liu said, he is too young, encountered things easily impulsive, he paid for this is also huge.
parents and sisters all because of an accidental death, girl’s life experience tears down – she is an orphan, parents, sisters all because of accidental death. Wu Si was killed, and there were no more people in her family! Wu Si’s life story is sad, she is an orphan. Earlier, Wu Si’s father was injured and killed, the mother committed suicide, leaving the world, while her sister was killed in a traffic accident. So.