In Shanxi province Yuncheng City Xiaxian Zhang Zhen Cui Jia he twist the ancient cultural relics "11· 17" large tomb robbing case yesterday were discovered, including 3 police, 31 suspects have 6 Xieqin police, 8 people were arrested, 5 people released on bail. It is reported that there are relics of the ancient culture of Cui River, a provincial-level cultural relics protection units, in November 17, 2003, the ruins of ancient tombs by criminals fried, dug. In December 8th, the Yuncheng Municipal Public Security Bureau received local masses, Secretary Cui Changsheng immediately called Deputy Secretary Sun Yanxue and Secretary Zhou Xin, the Criminal Investigation Brigade captain Gao Jinquan et al, repeated research and careful arrangements for the nature of the case and the detection work, and criminal investigation, from the Yuncheng Municipal Public Security Bureau and the Saline Lake Cultural Relics Bureau and other departments to deploy 15 police task force Gao Jinquan, deputy secretary of the Discipline Inspection Commission and the Municipal Public Security Bureau as the deputy head of Li Yong, "11· 17" large tomb robbing case launched a full investigation. After a month of time, the police visited Henan, Shaanxi, Inner Mongolia, Shanxi 4 provinces and 20 counties, "11· 17" special group initially identified: November 17, 2003, the suspect An Xiqiang, Chen Jianzhong, Jie Jianhui et al., in the Museum of conspiracy in Xiaxian Moumou pasta nianzhang Zhen Cui Jia he dispatches the site excavation of the tomb of ancient culture. Then, separately, Xie is mainly responsible for safety, and let his driver Zhang Hui borrow a car responsible for transporting grave robbers. Chen Jianzhong gathered more than foreign thieves to prepare Xiaxian tomb. From November 17th to 22, 6 consecutive nights, this group of people carrying the probe rod, rope, flashlight, explosives and other tools used in the tomb, blasting means of cuijiahe ancient cultural relics will be the tomb open daowa, and the stolen bronze tripod, bronze bells and other cultural relics by the 3 suspects people drive to the village of Li Xia County Hu Zhang Township houses hiding, after the cultural divide. In this case, has identified 31 suspects, including 3 police officers, 6 police officers.