The ancient city of the District People’s Court of Lijiang city in Yunnan province

today according to law in a public hearing of the defendant and Rong song suspicion of intentional assault, affray crime, the defendant Cao Du Cheng, two, Wu Yuanhua, Zhao Zhi dragon car repair, and Ling Bo on suspicion of affray crime case.

2016 November 11th 3 pm, a Grill Room 3 to a city district of Lijiang City, Dong Moumou the victim Zhang, in the sun to eat barbecue, and the defendant Rong song and other 6 defendants then also went to the hall to eat barbecue grill. In the course of their drinking, the accused party provoked and assaulted the victim. In addition, in July 23, 2016, the defendant and Rong Yi in Chuxiong Yi Autonomous Prefecture, Nanhua County, Longchuan town barbecue, with a knife, Lee cut away from the scene after the injury, on August 2, 2016, surrendered to the public security organs.

During the handling of the

case, the victim Dong Moumou and 6 defendants reached a settlement on their own incidental civil compensation, and the victim Dong Moumou applied for the withdrawal of his incidental civil action. The people’s Court of the ancient city district, after examination, has decided to admit the withdrawal of the case.

Ancient City District People’s Procuratorate accused the defendant and Rong pine and other people wantonly provocation, and beat and hurt others, whose behavior violated the criminal law, should be charged with affray crime held criminally responsible. In addition, the defendant and Rong song with a knife, Lee cut slightly injured, and should be held criminally responsible for intentional injury.

trial, 6 defendants for their actions to the victims of the injury in court to express repentance and apologize again.


case will be open for sentencing.