Yao Di, since the article was exposed after the matter, has been named by the masses "small three" title. She disappeared for some time, too. Recently, a report on Yao Di’s residence with the mystery boy has pushed Yao Di on the hot spot. Recently, Yao Di and mysterious white man dating a group of photos exposure. In the picture, Yao Di is intimate with the man, talks very much happily, two people go shopping together, eats together, and returns to a hotel. It is understood that the hotel is the property under the name of the man. In 2014, "article derailed gate" incident broke out, Yao Di had long login micro-blog, but has never been a word. After that, Yao Di’s micro-blog shut down its comment function, but suffered a lot of public opinion.
mysterious man identity: recently, some friends broke the Yao Di crush on a well-known domestic wine boss’s son, two people was photographed together at the restaurant, intimate manner, also hand in hand, is suspected of communication. The 2014 article derailed Yao Di after being exposed by the media, the family rushed back to return to Ma Yili, film and television work continues, and Yao Di’s career to go downhill since. In June 2015, Yao Di has been exposed and the Taiwan artist Li Wei fell in love, Li Wei also generous confession, but in December when Li Wei claimed the "single", but recently they have parted seems to declare Yao Di seems to turn to, just take the IP drama "energy-saving", in the play with "one of the four world beauty" Qiao Zhenyu walked along the street, off screen and in the two rich generation, all those feelings cause.


近日姚笛与神秘白衣男子约会的一组照片曝光。画面中姚笛与男子关系亲密,相谈甚欢,二人更多次一同逛街,吃饭并回一家酒店。 据了解,该酒店即为男子名下财产。