"6 square meters sold 880 thousand yuan Shenzhen apartment project was fined 600 thousand and 29 days, Shenzhen city market and Quality Supervision Commission revealed that the recent social concerns caused by the Shenzhen city of Nanshan District 6 square meters sold 880 thousand yuan" is the overseas Chinese town house project, approved by the Shenzhen Municipal Bureau of quality and market supervision committee of Nanshan investigation forensics, the ad for violation of advertising law, advertising subject therefore fined 600 thousand yuan. The name of the project is "Shahe view Pavilion", the current situation is a 15 storey building, the building function is office and apartment. Among them, 6 to 15 apartments for a total of 169 units, the right person for Chen, etc.. In June this year, Shenzhen City Hunan capital investment limited and Wu Moumou 4 natural person Chen Moumou commissioned sales of the apartment, but the company said the executive and Chen Moumou et al called principal is transferred, and provides some bank transfer credentials. The executive of the company in renovated 169 apartments to social marketing. "China, Shenzhen, 6 square meters of unprecedented hardcover apartment layout to the minimum." Subsequently, the overseas Chinese town of Shenzhen project was put into advertising, 6 square meters of sales of $880 thousand apartment project caused concern. Shenzhen city market and Quality Supervision Commission said that the project "6 square meters hardcover extremely small" in violation of the relevant provisions of the "advertisement law" is not marked, building or area; "Chinese unprecedented, Shenzhen print" in violation of "advertising law" article fourth, as a result of the survey was unable to verify the evidence, false advertising. Recently, Shenzhen city market and Quality Supervision Bureau of the Committee Nanshan advertising subject issued a "book" administrative punishment decision, ordered the parties to stop the illegal advertisement, eliminate the influence in the corresponding range, a fine of 600 thousand yuan. Author: Xin Hua (JINGWAH times)相关的主题文章: