3D Art Carnival ended the 7 day National Day hi explosion imperial source good time is always transient, eleven by Xiyuan Taiwan (real estate information) sponsored by the 3D Art Carnival detonated west. In this event, Xiyuan Taiwan Sales Office is full of artistic atmosphere, visiting guests were infected with shock effect site 3D painting, experience the scene of various activities of artistic creation; National Day 7 days, daily activities are full of highlights, full of creativity, small series in the 3D Art Carnival is the harvest good. In a jubilant atmosphere in the national day, Xiyuan 3D Art Carnival, the art 3D Huobian world illusion device moved to the scene, attracted many art lovers, let the ring located in the cultural atmosphere of the imperial source project, full of new flavor. Guests take pictures in front of the 3D Art Festival 3D carnival, the national day 7 days when the hot Carnival event when the National Day celebration, the popularity of natural. The first day of the National Day 10 in the morning, the guests come to the exhibition in a continuous line, painted horses, Xiyuan Taiwan Commercial District of the magnificent, modelling diversity, attracting countless guests to stay here, this is definitely the punchline art carnival. The horses painted bright color jostle in ornamental 3D illusion art at the same time, many guests to participate in the fun of artistic creation, playing awfully. Three days before the national day, specially invited by the source of the seal of Taiwan professional painter as guests arrived at the scene, on the spot in a comic portrait, exclamation, painting a portrait showing eyes full of wit and humour, let the atmosphere warm up. There are personality mask painting, in the professional guidance teachers under the guidance of the patient, the children are also very carefully draw a variety of patterns, like a little painter general huihaopomo skillfully. Kids wearing masks strict in demands to draw painted mask a perfect appearance reality campaign also gathered a large crowd of visitors. Most of the guests together with their children to draw, with feelings of art, to create art with children. They draw, true to life characters, charming and colorful landscape unfold slowly under their pens. The impression of ceramic art full of fun, also let the guests into the creation of a variety of cartoon characters such as Mickey Mouse, elaborate Ali, all vivid naive girl. Kids in the patience to accompany the child to paint guests carefully created the 3D Art Carnival, not only won the owners of praise and recognition, and the Xiyuan Taiwan intimate and thoughtful service to give a high evaluation, I believe this special day to support Taiwan Xiyuan our guests left a memory. In addition, there is a good news, should the needs of our customers, 3D Art Carnival will be postponed to mid October, will continue to be wonderful, to experience fun activities with children to play continuously, fast to understand art, create art! Xicheng District 60~90 square meters of existing homes, only 100 seats will start a new generation of Chinese urban house — Xiyuan Taiwan, in the West Second Ring Road, north of Chang’an Avenue, South lotus river, Xilianxi east railway station, Wang Financial Street, polymerization modern city resources central administrative district, Financial Street business district, the Business District of Xidan. 60-90 square meters Seiko Carpenter相关的主题文章: