2 billion Shanxi to build the first underground pipe gallery has taken PPP mode in Taiyuan open source of funds, has been in Taiyuan to start building Shanxi daily news (reporter Ding Yuan) September 22nd, reporters from the Taiyuan city urban and rural management committee was informed that the province’s first underground pipe gallery project – Taiyuan city Jin Yuandong comprehensive pipe gallery project officially started construction on the day before. According to estimates, the total investment of the project is nearly 2 billion yuan, the source of funds to adopt PPP model, including the construction unit self raised and bank loans. Urban underground comprehensive pipe gallery refers to the public tunnel for underground laying of underground pipelines in the city. In order to co-ordinate various municipal pipelines planning, construction and management, to solve the repeated excavation of the road, overhead line network intensive, pipeline accidents and unknown problems, in January 8th this year, approved by the Taiyuan municipal government, Jinyuan District became the city comprehensive pipe gallery construction demonstration area and the first open area. Taiyuan Jinyuan East comprehensive pipe gallery project includes ancient city street, experimental road, two road, three road, three road 5 comprehensive pipe gallery, the total length of 10.405 kilometers. According to the introduction, after the completion of the tunnel, the two sides are a layer of partition, the line is clear at home. The passages in the middle of the tunnel can be used by constructors or even vehicles. The location of the pipeline will be reserved in the corridor to prepare the cables that may be laid in the future. The construction cost of the comprehensive pipe gallery is very high, and the design life is 100 years. Through franchising, Taiyuan encourages and cultivates active, reputable and professional market participants to participate actively. It is reported that the Jinyuan East pipe gallery project at present by the Shanxi municipal construction company, the integrity of the twelve Bureau of China Railway Group Co. Ltd. and Guangde ocean railway construction investment center FOMTEC three party joint venture, the equity ratio was 40%, 18% and 42%.

20亿打造山西首个地下综合管廊 已在太原开建   资金来源采取PPP模式,已在太原开建   山西日报讯(记者丁园)9月22日,记者从太原市城乡管委获悉,我省首个地下综合管廊项目——太原市晋源东区综合管廊工程于日前正式开工建设。据估算,该工程总投资近20亿元,资金来源采取PPP模式,包括建设单位自筹及银行贷款。   城市地下综合管廊,是指在城市地下用于集中敷设多种地下管线的公共隧道。为了统筹各类市政管线的规划、建设和管理,解决反复开挖路面、架空线网密集、管线不明事故频发等问题,今年1月8日,经太原市政府批准,晋源东区成为该市城市综合管廊建设的示范区和首开区。   太原市晋源东区综合管廊工程包括古城大街、实验路、经二路、经三路、纬三路5条综合管廊,总长度为10.405公里。据介绍,建成后的隧道,两侧都是一层一层的隔断,线路是谁家的一目了然。隧道中间的通道可供施工人员,甚至是车辆通行。管廊内还会预留一些管线的位置,为将来可能要敷设的线缆做准备。   综合管廊的建设成本非常高,设计使用寿命100年。太原市通过特许经营等方式,鼓励和培育有实力、有信誉、专业化的市场主体积极参与。据悉,晋源东区综合管廊项目目前由山西诚信市政建设公司、中铁十二局集团有限公司和广德铁建蓝海丰铁投资中心三方共同出资,股权比例分别为40%、18%和42%。相关的主题文章: