12 year old girl 11 floor fall dead police door 4 parents do room 11 building anti-theft window not Sohu news live big girl. The girl wearing a slipper scattered on the ground floor. Yangzi Evening News Network September 17th news (correspondent from your strong yellow reporter Zhu Dingzhao) 16 evening, in Lianshui County, Huaian City Jincheng door area, from the 11 floor accidentally falls dead a 12 year old female junior high school students, the girl had found that the district residents thought it was a plastic model, then determine the body of the girl after the alarm, when the police rushed to the scene and found the 11 floor tenants home anti-theft window was open, then went upstairs to see indoor 4 adults said the family could not falls, on demand by the police, the tenants in an older man went downstairs to see, the result is 12 year old granddaughter. 16 evening 9 o’clock, police said members of the public, in a residential area in Lianshui County of Huaian City Jincheng door downstairs, there is a girl lying on the ground beside a pool of blood, it may fall down from upstairs. When reporters rushed to the scene, the police have cordoned off the scene, I saw in the residential buildings in the corner of the ground, there is a girl lying on the floor, next to the girl’s family is crying, the police are busy girl on a stretcher and rushed to the hospital. According to witnesses, Ms. sun, 7 o’clock that night, she and her family relatives dine out when passing through here, suddenly found a suspected human objects lying on the ground, at first thought it was a plastic mannequin, two hours later, when she came home after dinner again passed, suspected human goods lying still in place, then open the mobile phone flashlight, only to find a girl, with his hand, feet are soft, and immediately alarm. After police arrived at the scene and found the anti-theft window 11 floor room was opened, then went upstairs to see, but when the police knocked on the door asked if someone falls, there were 4 people in the family room, that is not possible, then, under the repeated requests of police, an older man decided go downstairs to see. The results showed that falls the girl is his 12 year old granddaughter. It is understood that the 12 year old girl falls, parents perennial work in Wuxi, with grandparents at home to go to school, the time of the incident, the family has grandpa grandma uncle aunt 4 adults at home, the girl alone in the room to play, but sadly, because of his injuries, although after rescue hospital the girl was died, the girl falls because the police are under investigation.相关的主题文章: