Many families take vacations during the holidays, but travel isnt necessary for you and your family to enjoy a holiday of a lifetime. However, since interests range so widely among different people, we will break this article in half and give you six top tips for a holiday vacation, and six top tips for general holiday wonderfulness! Since the first set of tips does involve some cost (perhaps a great deal), the tips will focus on getting the highest value for the money, which is a bit different than just trying to spend the least amount of money. For penny-pinchers, of course, these tips will serve as pointers to money-saving deals and ideas. There is a lot to be learned about traveling on a budget, by everyone, regardless of what you want to spend. The other general holiday tips will concentrate on bringing the family together, as opposed to spending money and not getting involved in any more than wrapping a present. The holidays are for kids and families, first of all, so there will be some ideas on how to have fun and enjoy other. Since most people get to the end of their lives and wish theyd spent more time with family, following some of these general, family-oriented tips truly could be a life-changing experience. Vacation and travel tips Here are the best six tips for setting up a holiday vacation of a lifetime: Stop searching and be found The advent of RSS (Real Simple Syndication) news feeds means that news, information and web resources will be sent to you by subscription. When you find a great source for tickets, lodging or vacation packages, look for the small, orange, square button in your browser toolbar, or search the site for RSS, then click and set up your feed. In Internet Explorer, your feeds can be found in your IE favorites area. Let your email help These same sites may also send regular newsletter or sales announcements by email, and sites without RSS will normally offer this service. Subscribe to some good, reputable sites and the information will be delivered to you daily, weekly or (sometimes) on a schedule of your choosing. .parison shopping There are various sites, like traveljungle.. or travelsupermarket.., where you can .pare offerings from travel agencies and brokers from around the world. That holiday vacation of a lifetime just might be part of a package deal that you will find this way. Forget the hotel bill The less you spend on ac.modations, the more you can spend skiing or sailing or trekking around the island of Malta. If home exchange sounds like a strange concept to you, do some Googling and you will discover that it is a low-cost way for travelers to trade their house in New Jersey for a small villa in Spain. Homes can even .e with a car, or household help, as part of a package deal, so check on this option carefully at such websites as Digsville. This site, like similar ones, has listings around the world. A beachfront bungalow in the South Pacific, a ranch home in the wilds of Australia or an apartment in central Tokyo can be yours with the right trade, the right timing and the right arrangements. Skip the driving If you’re going to vacation in a big city, you can probably have a great time without a car. Driving a car overseas can be stressful and public transportation, bikes and taxis are all possible replacements. This is also a good way to go native and see how the locals really live day to day. Discount dining If your vacation trip will be a few weeks or more, consider preparing some of your own meals. You can save a good deal of money since eating out three times a day can add up quickly. Shopping at local markets and food stores is also a fabulous way to learn the language, interact with the local culture and meet the real people of the country, instead of the countrys tourism professionals. Family holiday tips There are more ways to create a memorable holiday season than traveling. Staying home and enjoying family is always a popular holiday plan. Here are some interesting tips on creating a holiday to remember. Create gift certificates You can make your own gift certificates to give people what they really want, or really need. Try giving a coworker a certificate for a home-cooked meal, or gift certificate of babysitting so a friend or family member can enjoy a day or night off. For children, you can make gift cards for family bike rides, board game tournaments or breakfast in bed. Not only are these gifts cost-effective, they promote the bonds of friendship, and isnt that a great gift? Turn on the tunes After a holiday dinner, you can work off some of the pumpkin pie by dancing as a group, playing musical chairs or having the youngsters show the old timers all the new dance steps. Conversely, parents can teach their children the dance steps that were popular in the old days. Energetic kid stuff You can design a family obstacle course in the back yard that could include hula hoops, calisthenics, jumping jacks and other activities. No one has to .pete with anyone else, it can just be for fun as well as some great photo opportunities. Walk together for a good cause Find a charity walk-a-thon to join together, as a couple, a family or even in a neighborhood contingent. If you find an event a few months into the New Year, it can help participants stay motivated on their New Year’s Resolutions. Healthy cooking feast Get the family and/or a group of friends together for a healthy holiday meal, where everyone can participate in making the holiday feast. You can enjoy a party atmosphere while learning healthy new recipes for the New Year. Stories, new and old Sit together around a fireplace, or the after-dinner table, and have everyone tell a personal story with a holiday theme. Even better, talk about the stories that you are creating that very day, and imagine how it will be 10 or 15 years hence to talk about this particular night. Its all about people The holidays do not have to be an over-.mercialized nightmare of buying, wrapping, giving and getting presents. Not all gifts .e in packages, and people of all ages can stand to learn this lesson again, even if for the 100th time: Holidays are about people, the people you live with, love and would miss if they moved (or passed) away. Be grateful for family, friends and .munity during the holidays. Whether you travel to the Bahamas, or no farther than your living room, what matters is being grateful for the time together and using it to best advantage. Be slow to anger, quick to f.ive and ready to do a kindness, and your holidays will be special whether you have a dollar or a million of them. Remember what is truly valuable, and you will keep things in their proper perspective. 相关的主题文章: