26Psychology of love and marriage 5 kinds of silly white sweet most likely to be tricked into bed (Fig|Psychology of love and marriage 5 kinds of silly white sweet most likely to be tricked into bed (Fig1

Psychology of marriage: 5 kinds of silly white sweet most easily cheated in bed (Figure) 5 kinds of silly white sweet most easily cheated in bed inventory of what woman is the most easily deceived bed in the small thing in this affair, a woman is definitely not a passer-by, they are often involved in. Out of curiosity for 30%~40%; and because women love each other and answer accounted for 50%, accounted for 25% in disorderly fashion was forced to answer, in order to satisfy the desire or curiosity accounted for 25%. In addition, women have the following psychological make it easy to be cheated by men. 1, some young women love vanity, vigilance is not high, always attracted to those young, handsome and highly esteemed graceful bearing, so "love at first sight", yishenxiangxu, lead deceived. 2, some young women tend to Natori "in Natori", only by a sign of the other party, a title will easily believe, which is a major cause of gullible. 3, the pursuit of novelty and some female youth in the current open social and historical conditions, longing for the "new" way of life, the pursuit of fashionable, exquisite dress often results by fraudsters as prey. 4, the lack of social experience of some young women are married knowing each other, because there is a feeling in love with each other, it is easy to believe in each other’s blandishments and meet the other requirements of a solemn pledge of love. When they find themselves deceived, just too late for regrets. 5, sexual defense psychology is not full of young girls’ sexual defense psychology is often not perfect, at the beginning of the sexual requirements of her boyfriend can also be rejected. However, by her boyfriend repeatedly asked, on the other side of the temptation, tease, slowly lose self-control, in disorderly fashion had sex before marriage, to leave a lifetime of regret. Exclusive statement: This article exclusively authorized by the Sina, without permission shall not be reproduced.

21This is not a millet hunger marketing, but marketing feed on illusions! – Sohu Technology|This is not a millet hunger marketing, but marketing feed on illusions! – Sohu Technology9

This is not a millet hunger marketing, but marketing feed on illusions! Sohu, science and technology of every new release, will be released before the warm-up, and then after the explosion of a wave of promotion, this is the promotion of the three axes, grasp the rhythm properly, the content is in place, the product can play the desired effect. However, do not look at how to only see the promotion of rhythm, content, way of a few. This article, on the one hand, said veteran marketing millet in the release of new MIX may produce serious side effects of a wave of promotional content story. First, I feel blue thin nausea had to come out in October 25th, millet released the first hyperbolic business flagship mobile millet Note2 and the first full screen concept mobile millet MIX. This is also called the black millet technology new products. Although some people say it looks like Samsung Galaxy Note7 or SHARP Crystal". But this did not affect the voice of the so-called mainstream media on the new sound of millet praise. It is undeniable that both the hardware configuration, the concept of innovation, the new product does have its place worthy of recognition. This once again triggered the Android phone users "widely" hot, even with the comparison of the iPhone and this. This comparison, in my opinion, the climax of the part is reflected in the so-called scalpers on the price of the explosive machine hype. A number of related media broke the news that the price of millet MIX cattle has been 20 thousand. There are pictures and the truth. When to see the new conference so the contents of speculation, a group of friends said, some of the media content, read read, do not seriously, but not serious. The reason for this, however, this content, after all, nausea to me, so it is necessary to make further comments. Summarized in one sentence: the Shenzhou eleven heaven, and Tiangong two also have a smooth docking. Millet MIX concept of the new machine, on the 20 thousand, and nothing is impossible, nor is it possible for the future of millet heaven! So, in this warm congratulations to the new price of millet, tens of thousands of cattle, especially even second-hand are also on the tens of thousands! Two, what is the millet marketing tactics? In micro-blog, I said the release of the new millet to change the millet mobile phone as mobile phone? Silk brand image is helpful, especially fine. Just a fly to Paris (invited netizens to rectify that London) to feed a dove in a daze and then fly back to Hongkong, the men of God Tony Leung do endorsements. This can be described as full of business, so millet MIX positioning is aimed at high-end business people. So, from this point of view, millet MIX such speculation, can only say that? Do not know who the mind of nouveau riche silk. In micro-blog, people have pointed out sharply, I tried to change the silk brand of millet? Comment itself is a typical psychological silk?. However, since it is positioned as high-end business people. These high-end business people have sufficient purchasing power, for them, millet also need to use the past to use their own very pure hunger marketing approach to attract them? Need]